Eyelash Extensions

Enhance your eyes for that special occasion

If there is one thing I can recommend for weddings, special occasions or everyday it would be eyelash extensions. They change your whole look, from making you feel younger, to not having to get up so early to do your makeup before work, or if you’re not a makeup person but just want something to make you feel a bit more girly – these are what you need!

Everyday Eyelashes

I can do a half set of lashes to a full set of lashes and will apply the right type for whatever suits your eye shape. If you’re after more of the natural look or desire more of a fuller look, I can help you achieve your eyelash need.


Special Occasion Eyelashes

Have a special event you’re attending and need some eyelashes to make your eyes pop, we can cater to half eyelash sets to full sets.


Wedding Eyelashes

When having your initial wedding trial/consultation. I recommend to all my Brides to get eyelash extensions. They set the canvas for your special look. Not only do they make your eyes stand out, the best thing is you don’t have to worry about any mascara running if you get a tear! You can’t go wrong with these, they make your photos like 100 times better as well – I recommend getting more a of a fuller set of lashes just to make them look a bit more lush!



The eyelashes I use

I use an eyelash brand called Lashform which is based in New Zealand. The eyelashes are hand cut in the USA. They have no nasty chemicals in them, such a Formaldehyde.

  • Longer Lasting – The lashes can last up to 3-5 weeks before re-application or maintenance is required.
  • Non-Toxic for your Safety – Unlike inferior brands, Lashform extensions are bonded to your natural eyelashes using a high quality Formaldehyde free non-toxic medical grade adhesive. Formaldehyde is a recognised carcinogen and is present in many cheap adhesives. Lashform lashes are manufactured to the highest standards in the USA for your safety.
  • Low Allergenic – Safe to those with contact lenses.
  • No need for Mascara – they offer a complete look!
  • Water Resistance – Lashform extensions are resistant to water and water based cleaners so you can bath or shower as normal. Plus, Lashform lash resistant to perspiration – perfect for active, modern women.
  • Natural Looking – People don’t always realise that they’re not yours because we can match the lash to suit your natural lashes.